Backseat Conceptions – Producers of numerous Hobbies Odd endeavors, this Philadelphia based production company does it all with leadership, dependability and trust.

Jarred Alterman is a New York based artist, filmmaker and long-time collaborator with Hobbies Odd. Along with his brilliant documentary CONVENTO, Jarred is also the cinematographer behind the TROJAN© spots and WINDCROFT, for which he won a BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY award.

Geoff Mosher is the evil genius behind numerous scripts in development with Hobbies Odd, as well as animator extraordinaire for the notoriously insane WITTY WHISKERS commercial featured in WINDCROFT. His website is full of so much craziness – it’s a must see.

Alex Brook Lynn is the artistic designer of numerous Hobbies Odd productions. Not only is she the finest Production Designer in the business, but her own unique vision as a writer/directer has garnered her worldwide recognition after her short film I AM A FAT CAT won the coveted “Best of the Fest” prize at the Raindance Film Festival in the UK.

Ray Foley is the producer and director of beautiful and poignent music documentaries, as well as a long time friend and collaborator with Hobbies Odd.

Katie Pellegrino is a New York based (makeup) artist and creative force behind many of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics‘  ad campaigns, including the LO-FI TRANSMISSIONS.

Nikki Bohm is a Los Angeles based actress whose talent knows no bounds. She is also the writer of an upcoming short film directed by Evan Meszaros, and filmed on 35mm by the talented Naeem Seirafi.

Michael Budinger is a writer, actor and collaborator with Hobbies Odd. Besides starring in the wildly successful Trojan© commercial “NO EXCUSES“, he also co-wrote WINDCROFT.

Doug Sakmann is a Philly based writer, director, gifted SFX artist and founder of the NYC Zombie Crawl. In fact, he does so many things you’re best bet is to visit his site and see for yourself.



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