CONVENTO available… everywhere!

By popular demand, the art/doc CONVENTO is now available in your home – beware the robot invasion!


Now you can see the film that took the festival circuit by storm and is being praised by audiences and critics around the world. Produced by Hobbies Odd and directed by Jarred AltermanFactory 25 proudly presents: CONVENTO.

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the robots invade New York!

   After a successful year on the festival circuit, the award winning and critically acclaimed documentary, CONVENTO, is having its theatrical premiere in New York City. Hobbies Odd co-produced CONVENTO with director (and long time co-consiprator) Jarred Alterman.

   In this unique film, “Christiaan Zwanikken is a kinetic artist who reanimates skeletal parts & deceased wildlife with servomotors and robotics. He breeds these new species in a 400 year old monastery in Portugal.” (reprinted from the CONVENTO website)

   You can get tickets for the limited-run engagement here. You can also see the trailer in our Film/TV MEDIA vault.

*It starts MARCH 9, 2012 – so you’d better hurry!*

CENSORED is now public

After Alex Brook Lynn‘s short film I AM A FAT CAT took home the coveted “Best of the Fest” prize at Raindance last year, she was asked to create the festival trailer for 2011. And, in true Alex fashion, it became an ambitious project complete with car chases, special effects makeup and stunts… Amazing.

The trailer was released to the public this week. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.