This Revolution Will Be Televised

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Our mission is based on the current glut of media outlets and the poverty of ideas which encompasses them. While we may be over-saturated with (at best) mediocre content, our society is on the cusp of something remarkable. Audiences are rapidly becoming more savvy – rejecting the tired systems of advertising and entertainment. The modern audience no longer responds to condescension, and they are hungry – nay, desperate – for the new, the visionary and the relevant. Advertisers and the mainstream corporate entertainment providers have lost their grip on society’s needs and as a result, audiences are tuning out and turning off. Gone are the days when we were forced to watch commercials or the standard Hollywood fare. Unless a radical change is made, the Entertainment Industry will soon follow the self-destructive steps of the Music Industry. Network, Cable, Cinema and Internet content needs new life and fresh blood to capture the hearts and minds of the cynical masses. It is no longer enough to think outside the box – we must ignore the box completely, and focus on creating honest work that reaches out to the global society on a subconscious level. As human beings, the Artists of today will rule the entertainment of tomorrow. The countless avenues available to artists of all mediums provides outlets for those with a creative vision – and Hobbies Odd is on the forefront of this revolution.

HOBBIES ODD is a multimedia production company dedicated to the art of storytelling and designed to bring creative visions to light.

For over a decade, the creator of Hobbies Odd, Evan Meszaros, has helped make countless independent film & television projects a reality.

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As writer/director, his first feature film, WINDCROFT, had a successful run on the film festival circuit – winning numerous awards all over the world. It is now available on DVD/VOD at all major retailers.

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He was then commissioned by Trojan Condoms to create three spots for their provocative new “Evolve One / Evolve All” campaign. The ads can be seen on cable networks like Comedy Central, and have over a million YouTube views.

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Recently, Evan directed the “Lo-Fi” ad campaign for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. An edgy series of stills and video, this unique campaign has gained notoriety on the blogosphere for its progressive marketing strategy and bold, innovative style.

Evan also produced the award-winning documentary, CONVENTO, directed by artist/filmmaker, Jarred Alterman. This unorthodox doc/art film is currently touring the world on the festival circuit – playing to sold-out crowds at SXSW and Edinburgh.